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12229154274?profile=RESIZE_400xEmerging technology in the maritime arena is being used for tracking emissions, avoiding collisions and route planning, but lawyers are circling the technology, a recent seminar reported.  The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) faces major stumbling blocks in shipping, where more than 80% of large vessels barely have enough communications capacity to send an email, a seminar heard on 19 September.

The use of problem-solving AI has the potential to cut costs in the coming decades, bu

12224657682?profile=RESIZE_400xHackers attacked the national power grid of an unspecified Asian country earlier this year using malware typically deployed by personnel connected to China’s government, researchers said last week.  Cybersecurity company Symantec declined to attribute the incident to China but pointed to a group it tracks as RedFly.  The group compromised the network for as long as six months, stealing credentials and targeting multiple computers, the researchers said.

The malware, known as ShadowPad, also has b

12176559283?profile=RESIZE_400xFive vulnerabilities, two deemed critical, have been found in the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) standard.  TETRA is the most widely used police radio communication system outside the US.  It is used by fire and ambulance services, transportation agencies, utilities, military, border control, and customs agencies in more than 100 nations globally and by the UN and NATO.

The vulnerabilities were discovered by cybersecurity firm Midnight Blue (Amsterdam, Netherlands) with funding from NLnet as

10401512465?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Sandworm Group, a Russian based APT, which recently made headlines after their botnet of machines infected with Cyclops Blink malware, was taken down by the US Department of Justice, has been busy crafting attacks targeting the Ukrainian power grid.  The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA), had to step in and take action to thwart the attack on the country’s energy facilities.  Blame for the attack has been placed on Sandworm in support of Russian military actions in Easter

10266832095?profile=RESIZE_400xElectricity, oil and gas and other critical infrastructure vital to any country’s day to day lives is increasingly at risk from cyber-attackers who know that successfully compromising industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) can enable them to disrupt or tamper with vital services.  A report from cybersecurity company Dragos[1] details ten different hacking operations which are known to have actively targeted industrial systems in North America and Europe and its warned t

6710390901?profile=RESIZE_400xThe electric grid is so important to any country’s national security and thus the high importance of keeping the electricity flowing.  Even an outage of only a few minutes can wreak havoc on any residence or business.  Cyber attackers responsible for distributing LookBack malware are targeting US utility providers with a new threat called “FlowCloud.”  The FlowCloud modular remote-access trojan (RAT) has similarities and connections to the LookBack malware.  The LookBack at its core is a remote