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9527212664?profile=RESIZE_400xActivity Summary - Week Ending 3 September 2021:
✓ Red Sky Alliance identified 31,051 connections from new unique IP addresses
✓ 6 unique email accounts Compromised with Keyloggers were observed this Week
✓ Analysts identified 134 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
✓ PrintNightmare & Magniber
✓ Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Servers
✓ SparklingGoblin
✓ FIN8 / Sardonic and the Financial Sector
✓ Transportation / Bangkok Airways
✓ Biometric Data / Afghanistan
✓ US Labor Day Warning
✓ The Best C

8511879887?profile=RESIZE_400xA suspected Chinese hacking group has been attacking the airline industry for the past few years with the goal of obtaining passenger data in order to track the movement of persons of interest.  The intrusions have been linked to a threat actor that the cyber-security has been tracking under the name of Chimera, believed to be operating in the interests of the Chinese state.  Researchers say the group has remained undetected in a network for up to three years. Initial reports mentioned a series

4624921072?profile=RESIZE_400x - Red Sky Alliance identified 73,420 connections from new unique IP addresses
- Analysts identified 4,896 new IP addresses participating in various Botnets
- Hoe Hin & Sons, a Malaysian Yamaha Distributorship Keylogged
- Rx and BioChem Companies being Targeted, Hmmmmm…..Anyone Wonder Why?
- APT41 (Winnti) Attack with New Variant
- PoetRAT: Python RAT
- Oil Supply Chain
- Oil rich Libya still in Flux
- Russia planning to cut Oil exports from its Baltic and Black Sea ports
- PEMEX in the middle of Oil Deb