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9145176696?profile=RESIZE_180x180The US and its NATO allies endorsed a new cybersecurity defense policy during President Biden's visit this week with member states in Brussels, according to the official summit communique.  NATO members agreed that the organization's Article 5 provision which states that an attack on one member nation is an attack on all could now be applied to cyber threats.  But NATO would make any decisions to invoke Article 5 in response to a cyber incident on a "case-by-case basis," the communique notes.  A

8925820866?profile=RESIZE_400xAn ongoing disinformation campaign called "Ghostwriter," which leverages compromised social media accounts is targeting several NATO member countries in Europe.  Ghostwriter is attempting to undermine confidence in the defensive organization as well as spread discord in Eastern Europe.  Researchers who uncovered the campaign in July 2020, have now documented an additional 20 incidents related to the cyber operation, including at least one earlier in 2021. 

The Ghostwriter campaign is primarily a

4471525345?profile=RESIZE_400xA new NATO report exposes Chinese government leaders plan to push through standardization of a new Internet architecture which will broaden the threat landscape, destabilize security and privacy, and fragment the world wide web. First proposed at the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conference in September 2019, the plans call for a replacement to the current TCP/IP model, dubbed “New IP.”  China is being led by Huawei, its state-run communications company, and the comm