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12290650467?profile=RESIZE_400xA South Korean worker was crushed to death by an industrial robot that mistook him for a box of vegetables, local authorities said on 09 November 2023.  The unidentified worker in Goseong succumbed to head and chest injuries last week after he was snatched up by the robot and shoved onto a conveyor belt, police said.  He reportedly worked for the company that installs the robot and was sent to the vegetable plant to make sure the model was operating correctly.[1]

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12239551488?profile=RESIZE_400xAgility Robotics, creator of the bipedal humanoid robot Digit, says it is planning to open what it calls “RoboFab”, the company’s robot manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon with the capability to produce more than 10,000 robots per year.  Initial construction of Agility’s 70,000 square foot robot factory began last year, and it is set to open later this year.  Agility anticipates production capacity of hundreds of Digit robots in the first year, with the capability to scale to more than 10,00

12239449485?profile=RESIZE_400xCompanies are gripped by labor shortages in the security services market segment, and some are turning to robots.  Ed Bacco, a technology executive who joined ADT’s commercial arm just over four years ago, sees androids as a way of getting around the intense battle for talent and high turnover rates that have always been a problem for the industry.  “We wanted to have more consistency in our guards, and so when I came over to ADT, I saw an opportunity to introduce something to the market,” said

10873817894?profile=RESIZE_400xRobots are taking over the world.  According to Oxford Economics, there will be 14 million robots in China by 2030 and 20 million worldwide.  In the USA, robots will modify or replace 1.5 million job positions.  Labor shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged both manufacturers and warehouse companies to partner with robotic companies to optimize human and robot collaboration.   We have already seen robots build robots, what is next?

Now enter the engineers from Google, they have unveile

9982049484?profile=RESIZE_400xHumanoid robot called “Jia Jia” was created by a team of engineers from the University of Science and Technology of China and was presented at a conference in Shanghai at the beginning of 2017.  Jia Jia can hold a simple conversation and make specific facial expressions when asked, and her creator believes the eerily lifelike robot heralds a future of cyborg labor in China. This was five years ago and was billed as China’s first human-like robot.  2022 - The Brave New World is in full force.


9814450691?profile=RESIZE_400xUS college campus delivery robots are making an impact.  Delivery robot vendors are making a play for campuses across the country to establish a new market in a defined and structured environment, free of much of the regulatory complications of municipalities and ordinances.  But what about cyber threats and hacking of these new helpers?  The robots are no different from anyother cyber challenges.

Starship Technologies is delivering 30 autonomous robots for food service to South Dakota State Un