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12290650467?profile=RESIZE_400xA South Korean worker was crushed to death by an industrial robot that mistook him for a box of vegetables, local authorities said on 09 November 2023.  The unidentified worker in Goseong succumbed to head and chest injuries last week after he was snatched up by the robot and shoved onto a conveyor belt, police said.  He reportedly worked for the company that installs the robot and was sent to the vegetable plant to make sure the model was operating correctly.[1]

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11049101069?profile=RESIZE_400xSouth Korean education, construction, diplomatic, and political institutions are at the receiving end of new attacks perpetrated by a China-aligned threat actor known as the Tonto Team.  "Recent cases have revealed that the group is using a file related to anti-malware products to ultimately execute their malicious attacks," the AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center (ASEC) said in a report published this week.

Tonto Team, active since at least 2009, has a track record of targeting various se

10947239681?profile=RESIZE_400xCurrently, the primary target of the new Roaming Mantis malware is users in South Korea, but Kaspersky cybersecurity researchers suspect its scope will be expanded soon.  According to a report from Kaspersky Labs, the infamous Roaming Mantis attack campaign, aka Shaoye has resurfaced with a brand-new scheme.  As previously reported by, Roaming Mantis operators use DNS changer functionality to abuse compromised public WiFi routers.[1]

The objective is to infect a large number of Andr