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10816096095?profile=RESIZE_400xSo, I just got back from a trip to Georgia, the one in the US.  I used Uber three times.  Convenient, clean, hassle-free and the drivers were very nice.  An over-all great experience.  Until……Uber has reported this past weekend it is investigating a major cyber security breach that has forced it to take several critical systems offline following an alleged social engineering attack on an employee by an apparent teenage hacktivist.

The incident was exposed last week on 15 September, when an indiv

8705079899?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently, IBM X-Force threat intelligence has been observing a rise in Dridex Banking Trogan related network attacks that are being driven by the Cutwail botnet.  Also known as Pushdo or Pandex botnet.  Cutwail botnet is originally infected by Cutwail Trojan, a malware able to download and execute files. Cutwail is a famous spam bot widely used in large-scale spam campaigns. It also serves as a DDoS botnet sending SSL attacks. Dridex is delivered as a second-stage infector after an initial docum