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12389946898?profile=RESIZE_400xThe infamous malware loader and initial access broker known as Bumblebee has resurfaced after a four-month absence as part of a new phishing campaign observed in February 2024. The enterprise security firm Proofpoint reported that the activity targets organizations in the US with voicemail-themed lures containing links to OneDrive URLs.  "The URLs led to a Word file with names such as "ReleaseEvans#96.docm" (the digits before the file extension varied)," the company said in a recent report.  "Th

10872439077?profile=RESIZE_400xHundreds of regional and national news websites in the United States are delivering malware because of a supply chain attack involving one of their service providers. Cybersecurity researchers reported on 02 November 2022 that a threat actor it tracks as TA569 appears to be behind the attack.  The hackers have targeted an unnamed media company that serves many news outlets in the US.

The service provider delivers content to its partners via a JavaScript file.  The attacker modified the noted cod