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12494002075?profile=RESIZE_400xShipping is increasingly subject to growing volatility and uncertainties from war and geopolitical events, climate change risks, such as drought in the Panama Canal, and the resurgence of piracy.  Allianz Commercial marine experts look at some of the major consequences, including the effect on crew, the prospect of more cyber-attacks and drone strikes, the threat the rise of the ‘shadow fleet’ poses to vessels and the environment, as well as the multi-faceted impacts of rerouting.

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11117172085?profile=RESIZE_400xMost documented cyber-attacks against individual vessels have historically been executed by jamming and spoofing navigation signals.  Red Sky Alliance has been sharing Vessel Spoofing reports for many years now which highlight phishing emails.  So, what’s New?  ChatGPT   Vessels are increasingly threatened by a wider range of attacks, including ransomware.  Recently, 1000 shipping vessels were affected when DNV’s ShipManager software system was hit by a cyberattack.  Luckily many vessels maintai

10801080089?profile=RESIZE_400xData usage on commercial maritime vessels has jumped more than threefold since 2019, according to a new communications analysis by Inmarsat.  The study found that the shipping industry’s reliance on digital connectivity to enhance operating efficiency and safeguard crew welfare has resulted in data usage among Inmarsat maritime customers rising almost 70 per cent in the 12 months to mid-2022.  Analysis of data usage by vessel operators shows year-on-year demand for data was highest among contain

9781674874?profile=RESIZE_400xArea Maritime Security Committees 2020 Annual Report – Challenges, Suggestions, Accomplishments, and Best Practices.  The Office of Port and Facility Compliance is pleased to announce the publication of a consolidated report[1] on the status and work completed in 2020 by Area Maritime Security Committees.  Area Maritime Security Committees 2020 Annual ReportArea Maritime Security Committees 2020 Annual Report.[2]

Area Maritime Security Committees (AMSCs) provide a valuable forum to discuss and a