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12404699471?profile=RESIZE_400xMost attempts at building a humanoid robot, such as Tesla's Optimus, focus on assisting humans with physical, manual tasks. A company called Figure,, is among the AI robotics startups unsatisfied with just movement.  The figure is trying to take its humanoid robots to the next level by integrating language, and the results are quite impressive.  The figure has designed their robots for the human world, using the human form.  Their robot, Figure 1, combines the human form's dexterity and cutting-edge AI to go beyond single-function robots and lend support across manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail.

On 13 March 2024, Figure posted a two-minute video on X to demo what its humanoid robot Figure 1 can purportedly do thanks to combining the startup's neural networks and OpenAI's visual and language intelligence.[1]

Watch the video:

The video opens with a person asking Figure 1 what the robot sees. Figure 1 conversationally explains exactly what is on the table in front of it, showcasing the robot's advanced natural language processing, language, and visual capabilities.

Then, even more impressively, when the person asks Figure 1 for something to eat, the robot chooses the apple amongst the items in front of it, highlighting the robot's ability to reason through a situation and deliver based on that processing.

When prompted, Figure 1 was even able to explain its choice. The video shows, while performing another task, saying, "So I gave you the apple because it is the only edible item I could provide you with from the table."

The figure announced its OpenAI partnership at the end of February. The robotics startup hopes to leverage OpenAI's research to enhance its humanoid robots' capabilities to process and reason from language. The collaboration will accelerate the speed at which its robots can come to market.


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