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12637894052?profile=RESIZE_400xIn an increasingly interconnected world, supply chain attacks have emerged as a formidable threat, compromising not just individual organizations but the broader digital ecosystem.  The web of interdependencies among businesses, especially for software and IT vendors, provides fertile ground for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities.  By targeting one weak link in the supply chain, threat actors can gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and can conduct malicious activities with s

12218664299?profile=RESIZE_400xUnited Airlines said last week that a software update triggered a ‘glitch’ that forced it to halt flight departures nationwide, briefly crippling the US biggest airline carrier on a busy holiday travel window.  US federal officials said United crews had been unable to contact airline dispatchers through normal means.  “A software update caused a widespread slowdown in United’s technology systems,” United said in a statement.  The airline said it was not a cybersecurity issue.[1]

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9225423083?profile=RESIZE_400xThe National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published its definition of what "critical software" means for the U.S. federal government, as the standards agency begins fulfilling some of the requirements laid out in President Joe Biden's executive order on cybersecurity.

As part of Biden's executive order published on 12 May 2021, federal agencies are now required to reexamine their approach to cybersecurity, which includes developing new ways to evaluate the software that depar