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12637894052?profile=RESIZE_400xIn an increasingly interconnected world, supply chain attacks have emerged as a formidable threat, compromising not just individual organizations but the broader digital ecosystem.  The web of interdependencies among businesses, especially for software and IT vendors, provides fertile ground for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities.  By targeting one weak link in the supply chain, threat actors can gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and can conduct malicious activities with s

12234155285?profile=RESIZE_400x"The production lines are at a standstill everywhere." The problems at VW were bigger than initially thought: The IT disruption is not only global, it also affects Audi in addition to Volkswagen.  An update from 27 September:  The disruption at Volkswagen (VW) seems bigger than initially known and it does not only affect the Volkswagen production facilities.  The VW subsidiary Audi and Porsche were also affected by the IT disruption, as an Audi spokeswoman admitted.  The extent to which this is