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12239035273?profile=RESIZE_400xMalicious ADs served inside Microsoft Bing's artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot are being used to distribute malware when searching for popular tools.  The findings come from researchers, who revealed that unsuspecting users can be tricked into visiting booby-trapped sites and installing malware directly from Bing Chat conversations.

Introduced by Microsoft in February 2023, Bing Chat is an interactive search experience that's powered by OpenAI's large language model called GPT-4.  A month lat

11004871290?profile=RESIZE_400xThe malware downloader BATLOADER has been observed abusing Google ADs to deliver secondary payloads like Vidar Stealer and Ursnif.  According to cybersecurity researchers, malicious ads are used to spoof a wide range of legitimate apps and services, such as Adobe, OpenAPI's ChatGPT, Spotify, Tableau, and Zoom.  BATLOADER, as the name suggests, is a loader responsible for distributing next-stage malware such as information stealers, banking malware, Cobalt Strike, and even ransomware.

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