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9788180259?profile=RESIZE_400xWith the ability to largely secure critical infrastructure from ground level attacks and a current strong focus on cybersecurity, a potential new attack vector from the air is being presented with the wide availability of citizen drones.

Originally reported through Popular Mechanics[1] who obtained reports in a 28 October 2021 US government bulletin, media describes a crashed drone found on the roof of a building next to a Pennsylvania substation in July 2020.  Experts believe the drone was like

8943653095?profile=RESIZE_400xCritical infrastructure in any country relies on energy sources and transmission for proper and safe national operations.  A direct cyber shot was delivered to the US oil and gas industry by a Russian criminal group known as DarkSide.  DarkSide was identified in the ransomware attack that shut down the US-Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline, which immediately created fuel shortages to cars, trucks, and the airline industry.  The ransom of $5 million USD was eventually paid to get the pipeline back i

8759297281?profile=RESIZE_400xUS Lawmakers and security experts have expressed disappointment that US President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan does not include funding to protect vital facilities against the growing threat of cyberattacks.  This infrastructure package failed to provide money to defend critical systems, such as the US power grid, against hackers, according to media sources last week.  “Any critical infrastructure modernization must take cybersecurity into account from the start,” said the OT d