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12224327474?profile=RESIZE_400xMoving goods via rail remains one of the most popular modes of transportation.  In a typical year, US freight railroads move around 1.6 billion tons across nearly 140,000 miles of track.  US citizens traveled more than 12.5 billion kilometers by rail in 2021, through the automobile remains the king in the US.  Thousands of railways, from national and regional networks to intra-city light rails, have been built to connect the country and its industries, turning rail into a critical component of t

10854665084?profile=RESIZE_400xThe US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have announced a new cyber-security directive regulating designated passenger and freight railroad carriers.  The announcement demonstrates the Biden Administration’s commitment to strengthen the cyber-security of US critical infrastructure.  Building on the TSA’s work to strengthen defenses in other transportation modes, this security directive will further enhance cyber-security preparedness and resilience for the nation’s railroad operations