red team (2)

12420315455?profile=RESIZE_400xRed teaming is everywhere.  The offensive security testing method is mentioned a dozen times in the recent artificial intelligence (AI) executive order released by President Joe Biden and accompanying draft guidance for United States’ federal agencies—and it’s a hot topic for global industry leaders and governments alike.

In the European Union, there’s a call to conduct adversarial testing in the interests of greater transparency and reporting.  The Canadian government and Australian Signals Dir

10925372100?profile=RESIZE_400xIn 2023, companies and organizations are cope with more sophisticated and higher levels of widespread cyber threats with a dwindling set of competent security resources. And the technologies they use to bring services and applications online are perpetually changing, while their operations and development teams remain under constant scrutiny to execute and employ updated or new features and services faster than ever needed before.  Bring all these factors together and they create an even riskier