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12254325890?profile=RESIZE_400xDo oil and gas tankers have a use for artificial intelligence (AI)?  That is the question Rigzone posed to maritime risk intelligence company Dryad Global, who in turn outlined a range of ways these tankers can utilize the technology.  Data mining was one use case Dryad highlighted in its response.  “Throughout a tanker’s journey, they create and receive a continuous stream of data,” a company spokesperson told Rigzone.  “People are limited in their abilities to process and sort it. AI mines rea


Wapack Labs reports on the use of vessel names as lures in malicious emails.  Using the names of Motor Vessel (MV), or Merchant/Motor Tanker (MT) in the subject line, is a social engineering tactic used by attackers when sending malicious emails to companies related to the shipping industry.  Successful infiltrations into transportation related networks can result in the theft of valuable financial information or corrupt a system with damaging results.   This report provides details about