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9837534264?profile=RESIZE_400xPhishing Emails are being used with small font size to bypass security filters.  Researchers at Avanan have spotted phishing emails that are using a font size of one (1) to fool email security scanners.  The emails appear to be password expiration notifications from Microsoft 365.  The attackers have inserted benign links that are invisible to the human eye, but trick security scanners into viewing the email as a legitimate marketing email.

“In this attack, hackers utilize a number of obfuscatio

9822925673?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is the time of year when that little snitch, “The Elf on the Shelf” returns to the bane of most children.  Luckily that tattletale only works for a couple of weeks a year and then is returned to a box in the attic.  There is a new “Elf” in town, who will never take a day off. Do you think there are limits to what your employer can see you do online? Some new Microsoft updates may make you think a little more about that.   It may be that you think your employer is doing evil, unspeakable, or m