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12159182686?profile=RESIZE_400xTrend Micro has always taken extremely seriously its commitment to secure the connected, digital world.  But we also know that in the fight against cybercrime, its resources are most effective when shared and combined with others working towards the same goals.  That's why Trend Micro has no issues about teaming up with other security vendors, as well as academics and law enforcement agencies.  Red Sky Alliance has always held this collaborative approach.

This "better together" approach has seen

10977218692?profile=RESIZE_400xThe US Marshals Service (USMS) is investigating a major ransomware attack that has compromised some of its most sensitive information, including law enforcement materials, and the personal information of employees and potential targets of federal investigations.  The cyberattack was considered a "major incident" by officials, impacting a "stand-alone" system (meaning it is not connected to a larger federal network) within the service, an agency spokesperson said Monday.  The attack was discovere