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12404712858?profile=RESIZE_400xApple's latest acquisition of yet another AI startup provides insight into the tech giant's plans for artificial intelligence in 2024.  The startup, DarwinAI, is a Canadian visual quality inspection business that has developed ways to make AI systems smaller and more efficient.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has vowed to share more details about the company's AI advancements in 2024, and this latest acquisition of a company that makes AI systems run efficiently on smaller devices could reinforce the idea

11072540077?profile=RESIZE_400xWhen you transfer data from an Android to an iOS device, the Move to an iOS app is the go-to solution for any mobile user. However, many users have complained that this app doesn’t work at the final step when importing backup.  Or some data is not completely transferred.  So, is there an alternative to the Move to iOS app that is safe, secure, and capable of doing the job?

IToolab WatsGo fits the description of a worthy solution pretty well.  We have discussed its features and working, too.  Thi