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10702174675?profile=RESIZE_400xGoogle Search and Drive are erroneously flagging links to Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) research papers and websites as ‘malware.’  This 'issue' was first reported by a German researcher.  Founded in 1947 and located in New York City US as a non-profit, ACM is the world's largest scientific and educational computing society.  As of 2019, ACM's membership comprises nearly 100,000 students and professionals involved in the field of computing.10704461667?profile=RESIZE_400x

Its research paper allegedly "violates" Goo

10137717883?profile=RESIZE_400xAn unknown criminal hacking group is targeting organizations in the aviation, aerospace, defense, transportation and manufacturing industries with trojan malware, in attacks that researchers say have been going on for years.  The malware has been named TA2541 and detailed by cybersecurity researchers the persistent cyber-criminal operation has been active since 2017 and has compromised hundreds of organizations across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Despite operating for nearly 5 yea