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9670267679?profile=RESIZE_400xRecently, a US federal magistrate judge recommended the dismissal of a female’s lawsuit against famous soccer player - Cristiano Ronaldo.  The recommended dismissal is largely because her attorneys relied on confidential documents obtained through a hacker.  In the 6 October ruling, the federal magistrate warned of “far-reaching, dangerous consequences on the legitimacy of the judicial process” if “hacked privileged documents” become “fair game for an attorney to use to create and prosecute the

9139088298?profile=RESIZE_400xIt is clearly proven on a daily/hourly basis that cyber-attacks will not slow down; with ransomware leading the hacker’s choice of malware techniques.  So, who really loses in these attacks?  In most cases, the business and corporate owners.  A million dollar ransom of frozen networks, even if negotiated down, will put many companies on their heels, if not out of business. 

A pair of recent lawsuits have been filed on behalf of former and current Scripps Health (Scripps) patients, who allege the