ddos attacks (3)

10829860288?profile=RESIZE_400xCybersecurity today matters so much because of everyone's dependence on technology, from collaboration, communication, and collecting data to e-commerce and entertainment. Every organization that needs to deliver services to their customers and employees must protect their IT network(s) and all of the apps and connected devices from laptops and desktops to servers and smartphones.

Traditionally, all of these would be limited to only one corporate network.  Networks today are often made up of the

10779952674?profile=RESIZE_400xFortiGuard Labs researchers have been tracking a quickly evolving IoT malware family known as “RapperBot” since mid-June 2022.  This family borrows heavily from the original Mirai source code, but what separates it from other IoT malware families is its built-in capability to brute force credentials and gain access to SSH servers instead of Telnet as implemented in Mirai.  In addition, recent samples show that its developers have started adding code to maintain persistence, which is rarely done

8011196853?profile=RESIZE_400xThroughout the USA, State and County election computer networks are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks and Election Day is only 29 days.  In a little-noticed episode in 2016, an unusual number of voters in Riverside, California, complained that they were turned away at the polls during the primary because their voter registration information had been changed.

The Riverside County district attorney, Mike Hestrin, investigated and determined that the voter records of dozens of people had been tampe