cyber weapons (2)

10024795479?profile=RESIZE_400xIn 2010, Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges were attacked and rendered useless through a computer virus that became known as Stuxnet.  It was the first case in which a hacker attack, coordinated by nations (presumably the US and Israel), hit a large military target in the “real world.”  A worldwide race to create or acquire cyber weapons was then just taking shape. 

Fast forward to last week (11 years later), Ukraine was hit by a massive cyber-attack that targeted government websites.  Posted

8506959690?profile=RESIZE_400xRed Sky Alliance has previously reported on the many cyber perils within critical infrastructure and key resource sectors.  Our worldwide electric grids remain on the top of government concerns.  The New Yorker recently published a very thought-provoking and sobering piece on the same subject(s).  We would like to share with our members.

In the nightmare, sirens caterwaul as ambulances career down ice-slicked, car-crashed streets whose traffic lights flash all three colors at once (they’ve been