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12160815262?profile=RESIZE_400xProtecting your online safety has never been more crucial in today’s digital age, where cybercriminals and hackers lurk around every virtual corner.  The reality of cybersecurity threats, ranging from identity theft to malicious software attacks, can leave us feeling vulnerable and exposed.  However, there is hope! In this blog post, we will explore some of the common cyber threats you may encounter and delve into the crucial role that online security consultants play in safeguarding your digita

Cyber security professionals often get focused on dangers which appear inside their networks or within company messages, sometimes overlooking physical threats.  Laptops and devices routinely leave the confines of network cyber security parameters.  In this circumstance, a hacker can easily get physically next to a vulnerable laptop, which may permit firewall rules and DNS Security inoperable to a bad guy hacking into “your” laptop.[1]  This is why Wapack Labs strongly suggest linking physical s