chinese hackers (2)

12393265284?profile=RESIZE_400xWhen most people hear about cybersecurity hacks they envision frozen monitors, ransomware demands, and DDoS attacks that compromise connectivity for a few hours or even days.  Some experts, though, are worried that with the arrival of widespread artificial intelligence in the hands of hackers, both lone wolves and nation-states, we may be entering the era of the "cyber-physical attack."

In fact, last month the FBI warned Congress that Chinese hackers have burrowed deep into the United States' cy

8646907101?profile=RESIZE_400xIn 1980, the British comedy group Monty Python created a video, “I Like Chinese.”  We all like Chinese; except the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – who train, encourage and promote active hacking of many, many counties.  A Chinese hacking group allegedly "cloned" and deployed a zero-day exploit developed by the US National Security Agency's Equation Group (NSA) before Microsoft patched the Windows vulnerability that was being exploited in 2017.  For several years, researchers have suspected the C