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8226972266?profile=RESIZE_400xDespite attempted to stop the criminal hacking group responsible for managing the Trickbot trojan, they continue malicious activities by introducing new versions that make this malware more difficult terminate.  Trickbot now can offer other malware with Access-as-a Service capabilities (AaaS).  Many cyber threat attacks start with a successful phishing campaign.  This allows for the Trickbot malware trojan to be used as a pathway for ransomware infections and Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS atta

8204394459?profile=RESIZE_400xI am sure everyone reading this post has had a dream where you wake up laughing.  You sit on the edge of your bed and think about what was so funny that made you laugh.  Well a recently identified Chinese hacking group called ‘FunnyDream’ (FD) ain’t so funny.  In fact, FD has targeted over 200 government units in Southeast Asia since 2018 as part of an ongoing cyberespionage campaign.  This according to research from the security firm Bitdefender.  The FunnyDream campaign, active since 2018, mai