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10961071257?profile=RESIZE_400xIf you have ever sat and read an entire insurance policy, you are fully aware of the use of specific words and definitions and how the words apply to the coverage.  The definition of “war” and “cyber-war” are at issue.  Property policies' war exclusions were designed to apply to any type of nation-state attack, including cyber events, insurers told a New Jersey appellate panel on 8 February in a battle over whether Merck has coverage for $1.4 billion in losses stemming from the 2017 NotPetya cyb

10765959063?profile=RESIZE_400xIt was once the case that only governments had the technical ability to penetrate secure data, telecoms networks and the devices connected to them.  The threat now posed by private firms with cyber capabilities that rival the world’s most skilled spy agencies, is not widely known.  The lucrative spy-for-hire industry targets people and organizations with aims to collect their intelligence information and monitor/analyze them to infiltrate their tech devices.  These operations will silently get t