4215815511?profile=RESIZE_710xDuring these current and uncertain times, who can you trust for updated, reliable and virus free information on the Coronavirus?  A safe reliable source is InfraGard.  InfraGard National is an FBI-affiliated nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening national security, community resilience and the foundation of American life.  InfraGard is one of the FBI’s longest-running outreach programs and its largest public/private partnership, with over 60,000 members representing 77 InfraGard chapters nationwide. 

Coronavirus resources are available at no charge at:


Don’t let your employees be tricked into visiting websites operated by cyber threat actors, and they are out there on the Internet.  Please feel free to distribute the above link to your employees today.

As everyone is concerned about the current/updated status of the virus, infections and spread in their cities, towns, and states, the cyber threat actors are even more on the attack.  The prospect of “updated” news may cause employees to lower their cyber threat diligence and click where they shouldn’t.  Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to infect victims with a previously unknown malware.  In a recently discovered campaign, researchers found a new malware strain they call “Vicious Panda.”  Yup, Panda = China.  The APT group was spotted sending spear-phishing emails that purport to detail information about the coronavirus, but they actually infect victims with a custom RAT.  This is kind of a low blow. 

Vicious Panda is the name of a cybercrime group believed to operate from China.  The hackers are the prime suspects believed to be behind a recent email phishing campaign that relies on the worldwide “panic” surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.  The email messages have a document that is designed to look as if it contains information about the Coronavirus situation in Mongolia, when in reality, it is a '.rtf' a file that has been crafted to exploit a vulnerability in the Microsoft Word Equation Editor.

The FBI classifies sixteen (16) infrastructure sectors whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the US that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, economic security, public health, and many others.  Nearly every US entity falls into one of these important sectors.  InfraGard follows and reports about threats against all of them.

Please consider joining InfraGard today and take advantage of their information and programs.  There is no charge for the membership:


Red Sky Alliance has been analyzing and documenting cyber threats for 8 years and maintains a resource library of malware and cyber actor reports. 

The installation, updating and monitoring of firewalls, cybersecurity and proper employee training are keys to blocking attacks.  Please feel free to contact our analyst team for research assistance and Cyber Threat Analysis on your organization.

What can you do to better protect your organization today?

  • All data in transmission and at rest should be encrypted.
  • Proper data back-up and off-site storage policies should be adopted and followed.
  • Update disaster recovery plans and emergency procedures with cyber threat recovery procedures.
  • Institute cyber threat and phishing training for all employees, with testing and updating.
  • Recommend/require cybersecurity software, services, and devices to be used by all at home working employees and consultants.
  • Review and update your cyber threat and information security policies and procedures. Make them a part of all emergency planning and training.
  • Ensure that all software updates and patches are installed immediately.
  • Enroll your company/organization in RedXray for daily cyber threat notifications are directed at your domains. RedXray service is $500 a month and provides threat intelligence on nine (9) cyber threat categories including Keyloggers, with having to connect to your network.
  • Purchase annual cyber insurance coverage from Red Sky Alliance provided by Cysurance.

Red Sky Alliance is in New Boston, NH USA and is a Cyber Threat Analysis and Intelligence Service organization and can help organizations anywhere in the world.  We offer various level of RedXray services,  For questions, comments or assistance, please contact the office directly at 888-RED-XRAY or (888)-733-9729, or email feedback@wapacklabs.com   


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