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10947185877?profile=RESIZE_400xDandy Technology is committed to saving your lawn and back from weeds.  The new Dandy DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL are lawn care robots designed for residential customers with up to one acre of coverage area, especially those looking to limit herbicide use.  This robot automatically solves two top gardening problems: removing weeds and reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used at home.

The Dandy DT-01 uses AI and visual processing technology to distinguish up to 95% of common broadleaf weeds from grass blades and sprays them directly using a small dose of herbicide, like a spot treatment.  Dandy claims this method reduces the use of weed-killing chemicals by up to 90% when compared to spraying an entire lawn.[1]

With durable bumpers on the perimeter of the robot, the Dandy weed killing robot can detect fences and walls, along with other obstacles in its path.  The built-in camera with image recognition technology keeps it away from gravel and pavement.  Unlike robot mowers, it does not require underground installations or laying wires to keep the robot from wandering.  The Dandy uses GPS to stay within a coverage area that you draw for your robot on the mobile app, even letting set "stay-out" areas to keep it away.

The Dandy mobile app can also provide a heat map of weeds, mushrooms, and poor grass health.  If the robot gets lost, the operator will be able to find it using the phone app.  "Technology should help us improve our day-to-day lives and reduce our environmental impact, and Dandy does just that," the Dandy Technology's founder and CEO said of the new endeavor.  "It lifts the burden of a tedious, expensive task, and prioritizes both safety and efficiency."

There are two models for this Dandy weed killing robot, the DT-01, which can cover up to 1/4 acre and retails for US$700, and the DT-01XL that covers up to one acre and goes for US$800.  The smaller of the two can hold up to 0.5L of herbicide and can spray up to 1,000 weeds with one tankful, while the XL version has a 1.2L reservoir and can spray up to 2,700 weeds before needing a refill.

Since the Dandy robot sprays a mist directly on each weed, it can eliminate them in just one or two sessions.  The Dandy DT-01 and DT-01XL are available for purchase with shipping starting in early spring 2023.  And it better stay out of flower beds and gardens.

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[1] https://www.zdnet.com/home-and-office/smart-home/dandys-new-weed-killing-lawn-robot-will-save-your-back/

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