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9577196893?profile=RESIZE_400xUS Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler testified before the Senate last week and again called for comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations, citing a need to reduce cybersecurity risks, other market risks, and criminal efforts to defraud investors, all while advancing the assets.   Appearing before the Senate Banking Committee, Gensler defended the SEC's ability to enforce securities laws against cryptocurrency companies, although several Republican lawmakers cited a "lack of

7224994052?profile=RESIZE_400xMilitary patrols working outside their forward operating bases (FOB) are categorized as “working outside the wire.”  This is often where reconnaissance patrols and military intelligence officers collect and gather valuable military intelligence to provide back to its unit, base, and section commanders to use in future proactive combat operations.  This is no different from what RedXray does in cyber security.  RedXray collects and analyzes indicators of compromise (IOCs) to help customers identi