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12702001462?profile=RESIZE_400xLuxury department store chain the Neiman Marcus Group[1] has become the latest victim in a series of cyberattacks targeting users of the Snowflake data warehousing platform. The breach affected nearly 65,000 shoppers and exposed sensitive personal information.

In a letter to affected customers, Neiman Marcus stated, "We are writing to notify you of an issue that involves certain of your personal information.  In May 2024, we learned that, between April and May 2024, an unauthorized third party g

9333480298?profile=RESIZE_400xA data lake is an unstructured repository of data that allows for the storage of different data types from different sources.  Depending on the requirements, a typical organization will require both a data warehouse and a data lake as they serve different needs and use cases.  A data warehouse is a database optimized to analyze relational data coming from transactional systems and lines of business applications.  The data structure and schema are defined in advance to optimize for fast SQL queri