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12414665062?profile=RESIZE_400xANY.RUN[1] the interactive malware sandbox provider, has issued a warning about BunnyLoader, a rapidly evolving malware written in C/C++.  The new version, BunnyLoader 3.0, boasts enhanced capabilities and requires users and organizations to be more vigilant than ever.

Released just in September 2023, BunnyLoader's malicious functions range from exfiltrating credentials to stealing cryptocurrency wallets and dropping additional malware.

Here are some of the key changes introduced in BunnyLoader

10261197883?profile=RESIZE_400xThose readers who have children have already built a sandbox and watched the contents be tracked into their house.  What I will be describing is a different type of sandbox or some have referred to it as a “Cuckoo box.”  Before hunting malware, every researcher needs to find a system where to analyze it. There are several ways to do it; build your own environment or use third-party solutions.  Here are some “easy” steps required to create a custom malware sandbox where you can perform a proper a