ransomhub (2)

12637929080?profile=RESIZE_400xIn April of this year, a cyberattack on a large telecommunications company has been claimed by a ransomware gang that is gaining momentum as a cybercriminal operation.  On 1 June, the RansomHub operation posted Frontier Communications to its leak site claiming to have sensitive information of more than 2 million people.  The group claimed it spent more than two months attempting to extort the company but never got a response.  Frontier did not respond to requests for comment but reported a cyber

12428175857?profile=RESIZE_400xAs if things were not messy enough in the Change Healthcare attack, a second cybercriminal gang RansomHub is trying to exhort the company's parent, UnitedHealth Group, and have it pay another ransom for data that an affiliate of Ransomware-as-a-Service group BlackCat claims to have stolen in February 2024.   Threat intelligence firm SOCRadar in a recent blog post said RansomHub is threatening to sell "to the highest bidder" 4 terabytes of "highly sensitive data" stolen in the Change Healthcare a