racealer (2)

10861789694?profile=RESIZE_400xA Ukrainian man has been charged with computer fraud for allegedly infecting millions of computers with malware in a cybercrime operation known as "Raccoon Infostealer," the US Justice Department (DOJ) said 25 October 2022.  Mark Sokolovsky, 26, is being held in the Netherlands and the US is seeking his extradition, the DOJ said in a statement.

It said Raccoon Stealer malware was leased to cybercriminals for $200 a month, payable in cryptocurrency.  The malware was then installed on the computer


Raccoon Stealer, one of the most prolific data stealers in digital history is back and more effective than ever.  The re-emergence of the malware, best known for stealing personal information like passwords, files, and biometric data was first spotted by French cybersecurity company Sekoia the last week of June 2022.  According to the firm's analysis, the authors of Raccoon Stealer have rewritten the code from scratch and added screenshot capturing and keystroke logging to its list of capabilit