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12332850279?profile=RESIZE_400xDouble-Extortion ransomware is a type of cyberattack in which the threat actors exfiltrate a victim’s sensitive data in addition to encrypting it, giving the attacker additional leverage to collect ransom payments.  A typical ransomware attack will only encrypt the target’s data.  The threat actors behind the Play ransomware are estimated to have impacted approximately 300 entities as of October 2023, according to a new joint cybersecurity advisory from Australia and the US.  "Play ransomware ac


Partial encryption is a growing trend in the world of ransomware, but with it comes the potential for data recovery on affected files.  We’ll give an overview here on what the term “partial encryption” means.  It is perhaps more accurate to say, “intermittent encryption,” but even so, it will be important to understand this recent trend in how many ransomware infections operate.  From there, we’ll introduce White Phoenix, the freely available tool developed by CyberArk which can be used on part

11116258696?profile=RESIZE_400xThe ransomware group Play, which is taking credit for the hacking of Lowell Massachusetts municipal network on 24 April.  Play has released 5 gigabytes of data from that theft and posted it to the dark web.

The cybercriminal group, which has been active since last year, posted a link to the data, which a threat analyst with cybersecurity provider Emsisoft, said is available for viewing and download by any user on that system.  "The info is out there, and while at the moment it's on the dark web,