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11147291066?profile=RESIZE_400xFortiGuard Labs discovered an ongoing threat campaign targeting YouTube viewers searching for pirated software earlier this month.  Videos advertising downloads of “cracked” (aka pirated) software are uploaded by verified YouTube channels with a large number of subscribers.  Victims are led to execute malicious binaries that install multiple malware into their systems focused on harvesting credentials, cryptojacking, and stealing cryptocurrency funds from wallets.

While investigating this campai

10890216501?profile=RESIZE_400xSwashbuckling pirates and sabotage on the high seas have gone digital.  Ransomware has replaced the cutlass.  In fact, the entirety of modern conflict has evolved into Fifth Generation Warfare with information and perception as its framework.  Often referred to as the "Gray Zone" or "hybrid warfare," the term encompasses cyberattacks, nonviolent economic pressure and disinformation campaigns.[1]

It’s the weaponization of anything.  The threat is massive and echoed by many.  Klaus Schwab, Founder