hospital attacks (2)

11021860661?profile=RESIZE_400xHealthcare companies are using electronic records and tapping digital services more than ever.  That is also creating more opportunities for cybercriminals, who already have exposed the private medical information of millions of patients and bolsters the case for the industry to make security priority No. 1, experts say.  Healthcare breaches have exposed 385 million patient records from 2010 to 2022, federal records show, though individual patient records could be counted multiple times.


10947154064?profile=RESIZE_400xCyberattacks in the US have significantly increased over the past year, with the healthcare system and other critical sectors being attacked as the threat of malware like ransomware and foreign spyware continues to evolve.   During 2022, US government officials and lawmakers renewed their focus on cyber security and sought to secure the country’s critical sectors from rising cyber threats. This issue will increase in 2023, as many of those threats are still escalating while the cyber sector is c