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12369303100?profile=RESIZE_400xFrench multinational Schneider Electric is reporting that its Sustainability Business division suffered from a ransomware attack earlier this month.  The company confirmed the incident in a statement this week that the attack affected its Resource Advisory product, a data visualization tool for sustainability information, as well as other “division specific systems.”

Schneider Electric said that data was accessed by the hackers.[1]  Bleeping Computer, which first reported the incident, said the

12355949265?profile=RESIZE_400xCoop, one of Sweden's largest supermarket chains, said it is dealing with a cyberattack affecting stores in the county of Värmland.  A ransomware gang named Cactus claimed it attacked the company on 29 December and in a statement to Recorded Future News, a spokesperson explained that Coop Värmland was the target of the attack.

Coop runs consumer cooperative-owned grocery stores throughout Sweden, and Coop Värmland is collectively owned by that county’s nearly 300,000 residents.  The Värmland bra