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10482542089?profile=RESIZE_400xThe supply chain provides the framework for the modern transfer of goods.  Logistics play a pivotal role from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of a final product to the end user.  Generally, the raw materials are transported to a supplier, who then transports the materials to a manufacturer.  The manufacture creates a finished product that is then distributed to either a retailer or warehouse where the product is either sent to or carried out by the consumer.  Pictured below is a

8938732855?profile=RESIZE_400xThe volume of breach data, or exposed user credentials, has significantly increased in recent years.  The recent CompilationOfManyBreaches (COMB) breach was discovered in February 2021 and contains more than 3 billion unique sets of stolen user credentials.  The name of the breach file is accurate in that it contains breach data from numerous historical and recent data breaches all combined into one dataset.

While the risk associated with historical passwords is lower, users often re-use passwor

7541747475?profile=RESIZE_400xCarnival Corporation & PLC is the largest cruise line operator in the world.  In 2019, Carnival pulled in a record revenue of $20.8 billion.  Even with the troubles of 2020, this makes them a significant target for attackers looking to earn a profit. On 15 August 2020, Carnival Corp & PLC detected a ransomware attack that encrypted a portion of one brand’s IT systems.  Attackers not only encrypted the data, but also downloaded certain files indicating some data was stolen. In their SEC filings,