3918168862?profile=RESIZE_710xFrom Script Kiddies hackers and sophisticated Cybercriminals, to at times even State sponsored professional hackers; all are bent on the failure of consumers and companies to properly protect themselves.  Different motives, but all the same outcome of network disruption and financial ruin.  Weak passwords, vulnerabilities in software and systems, exposed sensitive information, all of these can lead a hacker to compromise your accounts and data.  Recent reporting from our Red Sky Alliance security analysts reveal how businesses continually put themselves at risk, as advice from cyber experts in the field are ignored.

Conducting financial transactions over a public Wi-Fi hotspot is a bad idea as they are consistently less secure than private, password-protected networks.  Conducting business transaction on a cell phone are proportionally less secure than using a computer.  It appears that many cyber users are numb to the frequent security notices and advice posted on merchant and financial web sites.  Railroad crossing have multiple warnings are crossings, yet drivers still ignore warnings and continue to be hit by oncoming trains.  Does anyone still remember to “Stop, Look and Listen” at railroad crossings?

A failure to use proper cyber security or appropriate judgement can expose consumers and...

Link to the full report: TR-20-053-001_we have a breach_02222020.docx

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