12414665062?profile=RESIZE_400xANY.RUN[1] the interactive malware sandbox provider, has issued a warning about BunnyLoader, a rapidly evolving malware written in C/C++.  The new version, BunnyLoader 3.0, boasts enhanced capabilities and requires users and organizations to be more vigilant than ever.

Released just in September 2023, BunnyLoader's malicious functions range from exfiltrating credentials to stealing cryptocurrency wallets and dropping additional malware.

Here are some of the key changes introduced in BunnyLoader 3.0:

  • Rewritten data-stealing modules for more effective exfiltration from target systems.
    • An improved keylogger for capturing keystrokes to steal sensitive information.
    • A smaller payload size for facilitating faster and stealthier delivery of the malware.
    • DoS functionality for launching HTTP flood attacks to disrupt target servers and services.

Avoid BunnyLoader Infection - To stay secure, organizations need to be aware of BunnyLoader's complex attack chain, from the initial phishing email delivery methods to the malware's attempts to cover its tracks.

Learn more about the new version of BunnyLoader on ANY.RUN’s blog.[2]  

ANY.RUN is a service trusted by over 400,000 cybersecurity professionals around the world.  It helps security teams efficiently analyze malware, offering fast detection, easy configuration, and an intuitive interface.

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