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10952679088?profile=RESIZE_400xFebruary 1st REDSHORT — Social Engineering is the term used for a broad range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions. Social engineering is especially dangerous because it relies on human error rather than software and operat

10951544656?profile=RESIZE_400xJanuary 18TH REDSHORT — APT Group Dark Pink Doubles Down on Government & Military Targets with Custom Malware. Considered an advanced persistent threat (APT), Dark Pink has launched at least seven successful attacks between June and December 2022. Du

10951535288?profile=RESIZE_400xJanuary 11TH REDSHORT — Twenty car manufacturers contain API cyber security vulnerabilities. Hackers can track cars in real time, introducing potential physical risks and impacting the privacy of millions of car owners. These vulnerabilities could ha


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