Recent Western analysis has identified a new series of military unit cover designators for the new Chinese military entity called the Strategic Support Force (SSF).  Elements of the SSF have reportedly been assigned cover designators in the series 32001-32099 Unit.  Because the SSF is the parent organization for China’s new cyber force, the Network Systems Department, Wapack Labs has conducted open-source searches for these designators to better define the units’ existence, missions, and locations.

While the relevant data found has been limited, the mission of an identified unit can be inferred in some cases by the kinds of academic articles the unit personnel have published.  This has allowed a rough division of found units into those this space-related missions and those with cyber and network expertise.  Identified units include the following:

Probable Subordination: SSF Space Systems Department

  • 32016 Unit (Lanzhou, Gansu Province)
  • 32020 Unit (Wuhan, Hubei Province)
  • 32021 Unit (Beijing)
  • 32022 Unit (Wuhan, Hubei Province)
  • 32023 Unit (Dalian, Liaoning Province)
  • 32027 Unit (Kaifeng, Henan Province)
  • 32032 Unit (Beijing)

 Probable Subordination: SSF Network Systems Department

  • 32042 Unit (Daxing District, Beijing)
  • 32050 Unit (Daxing District, Beijing)
  • 32069 Unit (Haidian District, Beijing)
  • 32081 Unit (Haidian District, Beijing)
  • 32082 Unit (probably Daxing District, Beijing)
  • 32088 Unit (Daxing District, Beijing)

Link to full report: IR--245-001_ Sorting Out Units in the PLA Strategic Support Forces 190901 mckee.pdf


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