3986905201?profile=RESIZE_710xRansomware as a Service (RaaS) has a nice ring to its name, yet it spells big trouble for all businesses and government alike.  Targeted ransomware attacks are likely to increase in 2020 as RaaS continues to evolve into an even more profitable business model for cyber criminals.  This is one of the opinions expressed by numerous cyber security experts interviewed at RSA 2020.[1]  Dark web researchers are noticing a spike in demand for RaaS applications in hacker forums.  The ease of availability of these tools, the anonymity of the dark and payment via crypto currencies is likely to lead to more attacks.  Gone are the days when hackers had to develop their own attack tools and the ease at which computer users fall for phishing attempts.  We are facing a lot of trouble for years to come.  When there is a market demand, there will be an incentive for hackers to develop better tools, since there is a ready market for them.  Sounds like an Econ 101

 Read the full report: TR-20-062-001_RaaS_03022020.pdf

[1] https://www.govtech.com/security/RSA-2020-Cyber-Pros-Talk-How-to-Track-and-Fight-Hackers.html

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