7888586865?profile=RESIZE_400xFrom our Friends at Be Cyber Aware at Sea - "Welcome to this month’s edition of Phish & Ships, brought to you by The Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign.
For the last few months we have been swept up in the effects of the coronavirus on the world, and its impact on the cyber sphere for shipping in particular.  While the virus is still very much in circulation and we are adjusting to the measures put in place for our protection, we must start to look ahead once more. After all, round the corner is the new IMO 2021 cyber regulations that must be met – how ready are we?'

"This month we consider how to ensure that compliance with the regulations can be seen as an opportunity to be embraced, rather than a burden to be managed.  We also revisit how threats to operational technology must be taken seriously, and hear of the support in place to help the industry be prepared for the incoming regulations.
The global threat may be ongoing, but so is the cyber one."

Link to full September issue:  Cyber Aware at Sea SPET 2020.pdf

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