9289110685?profile=RESIZE_400xPalo Alto Networks, Unit 42 has provided great research on the Mespinoza criminal cyber group.  As cyber extortion flourishes, ransomware gangs are constantly changing tactics and business models to increase the chances that victims will pay increasingly large ransoms.  As these criminal organizations become more sophisticated, they are increasingly taking on the appearance of professional enterprises.  One good example is Mespinoza ransomware, which is run by a prolific group with a penchant for using whimsical terms to name its hacking tools.

The Palo Alto Unit 42 cybersecurity consultants have observed the gang attacking US publishing, real estate, industrial manufacturing and education organizations with ransom demands as high as $1.6 million and payments as high as $470,000.   The FBI recently published an alert about the group, also known as PYSA, following a hacking spree on K-12 schools, colleges, universities and even seminaries in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom.[1]

To learn more about this group, Palo Alto monitored its infrastructure — including a command and control (C2) server it uses to manage attacks and a leak site where it posts data of victims who refused to pay large ransoms.

Link to full report: TR-21-202-001-MagicSocks.pdf 


[1] https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com/gasket-and-magicsocks-tools-install-mespinoza-ransomware/

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