Our friends and colleagues at Dryad Global, Experts in Global Issues and Maritime Security Risk Management, has provided us with their 2019 Global Security Review and 2020 risk assessment for the Shipping Industry.  Red Sky Alliance has been working close with Dryad this past year and we have observed and appreciated their timely and actionable maritime intellgience reports.  This information is of extreme valuable to our members who operate in the Transportation Sector. 

From Dryad: "Managed by our team of leading maritime intelligence experts, the Country Risk Map provides an at a glance overview of the current global risk picture.  Providing risk summaries for many countries in East and West Africa, the Middle East, South America and the Far East; it is designed to aid you in making quick assessments of the current threats in your areas of operation.' 

3831360135?profile=RESIZE_710x"To view a country’s risk summary, first select the region and then the country in that region that you wish to view (map above is static).  The risk summary will display the current threat level (High, Moderate, Low) and also provide a short description of the current risk situation for that country.  If you would like more information about the risks in your operating areas then please contact us to request a detailed risk assessment."

Link to Dryad's very cool interactive map: https://dryadglobal.us20.list-manage.com/track/click?u=064e6e3c09725c2b4232f0c13&id=0a83214042&e=6a5a0dba5d

This is a protected report, but if you join Dryad Global - they can share this valuable report.  We urge anyone in the Transportation Sector to join Dryad today. 


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