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Red Sky® Alliance offers TLP White and Green cyber threat reporting for targeted industry segments, international reports and malware/bot analyses.

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7330777658?profile=RESIZE_400x Maze ransomware is a complex piece of malware that uses some tricks to frustrate analysis right from the beginning. The malware starts preparing some functions that appear to save memory addresses in global variables to use later in dynamic calls though it does not actually use these functions later. The operators of the Maze ransomware have published tens of GB of…

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7328954885?profile=RESIZE_400x Three US agencies published a joint warning alert for private companies about new versions of Taidoor, a malware family previously associated with Chinese state-sponsored hackers.

The alert is from the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS CISA), the Department of Defense's Cyber Command (CyberCom), and the Federal Bureau of…

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Analysts studying CoronaVirus-related phishing and malware threats in malicious emails reveal four major topics abused by hackers: news, medical, financial, and regulatory.  In the first phases of the Corona pandemic, hackers were mostly disguising their malicious emails as general news and medical information with the most common keywords being “update” and “affected.”  When…

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Beirut Explosion Update 08 05 2020

7255807476?profile=RESIZE_400x Our friends and colleages at Dryad Global maritime intellgience group in UK provies the following intellignece update on the 4 August 2020 explosion in Beirut Lebanon:

Dryad Incident Overview:  Reporting indicates that a significant explosion has occurred in the vicinity of the port of Beirut.  Eyewitness observers, social media footage and local intelligence…

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RedXray: ‘Outside the Wire’

7224994052?profile=RESIZE_400x Military patrols working outside their forward operating bases (FOB) are categorized as “working outside the wire.”  This is often where reconnaissance patrols and military intelligence officers collect and gather valuable military intelligence to provide back to its unit, base, and section commanders to use in future proactive combat operations.  This is no different from what RedXray…

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Red Sky® Alliance Integrates Ransomware Protection into RedXray® Service

Red Sky® Alliance announced today that current and future customers of their RedXray® cyber threat notifications service will now automatically receive Ransomware Protection at no additional charge. MORE INFORMATION.

RedXray® Compose

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Did you miss the July 8th Brief?. TOP TOPIC: AnarchyGrabber: Stealing Victims’ Plaintext Passwords & Infecting your Discord Friends List.  You can watch the recording via this link. Next Brief will be on July 22nd. See you online.


Past Weekly Briefs. Starts with a Top Brief. Next up, Open Source & Social media, then we will cover recent data breaches and malware attacks and seven days of trending, including the latest APT activities, botnet activity, cloud security, blacklists & keylogger activity.


Did you miss the June 18th, Cyber Intelligence Briefing (CIB) Topics included: Protesters Launch DDOS & Leak Personal Information; Cloud Data Breach Trends: Common Root Causes & Prevention; "A Year In Maritime" - An Overview of the Threats Seen in the Maritime Sector Over This Past Year.


Next CIB Reporting is July 30th, at Noon. Register Here  TOPICS: To Come

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