Our Friends at Be Cyber Aware at Sea, present the May 2019 issue of Phish and Ships. 

Link for full report: Phish and Ships May 2019.pdf

There continues to be great waves made and interesting
developments in our industry. What is sometimes sad
to see is that there are still a lot of naysayers who
believe that cybersecurity specialists are pushing Fear,
Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) to the maritime industry.
Our response is that there will always be that with any
industry, but what we mustnʼt do is allow that to be our
excuse for doing nothing.
Digitalisation is overhauling the way we do business,
creating vast opportunities but also introducing fresh
risks and we simply cannot wait for incidents to occur
before we react. So, while it may seem fantastical that
pirates could start attacking vesselsʼ navigation
systems, it should not prevent us from listening to
ClassNK when they state: “Ensuring navigational
safety is of the highest priority”.
We believe shipping is the life blood of the global
economy, right up there with financial services and
manufacturing, which is why we will always remain
committed to providing security awareness for this
great industry of ours.
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Your Editor-in-chief
Jordan Wylie MA, BA (Hons)
Founder, Be Cyber Aware At Sea

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