From our Friends at Cyber Aware at Sea:

Welcome to this month’s edition of Phish & Ships, brought to you by The Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign.  As you will read in AXISʼ article this month, cybersecurity has many parallels with a warzone, with firms building their defences to repel the attacking invaders.  How nice then, to report simultaneously of several positive developments that will help reinforce the barricades in such different ways.  BIMCO continue to lead the ground with their new Cyber Security Clause that will support organisations in their planning for  security breaches.  Meanwhile as Singaporeʼs Maritime and Port Authority opens a Cybersecurity Operations Center, we hope that this will show that collaboration between all aspects of shipping will be an integral part of global protection.  Cyber criminals are seeking to attack from any possible angle, so cybersecurity must be multifaceted to provide full cover from the incoming fire.

Be Cyber Aware At Sea is with you, every step of the way.

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